52 Timeless Fall Photoshoot Ideas to Try in 2023

If you are looking for some ideas on how to create amazing photos this autumn, then we have a great list of tips to help inspire you! We hope these will help you to capture some of the best moments of your autumn season. You can also use these tips as inspiration when taking your summer photos too!

The season is full of change and excitement which makes it a perfect time to shoot some beautiful images. As you know, autumn is the perfect time of year to capture all your family’s special moments, so we have put together our favourite 50 ideas that you can try to create amazing photos.

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1. Capture all the family fun in the garden

fall family

You don’t need to be outdoors to get a good photo; it’s also a good idea to take advantage of the changing colours in your garden or house. The last day of summer looks a little bleak, but there are still lots of opportunities to capture great photos.


2. Photograph your children in the Autumn Rain

It is such a lovely thing to photograph your children when they are outside in the rain, even if you have to hold your camera up against a window to get a clear shot. It creates such a lovely mood and the rain adds so much depth and texture to the image.


3. Take a group portrait of your children


If you want to do a great group shot with your children then it is essential that they are all smiling. You can show off their personality and tell their stories through the image. The trick is to make sure everyone is happy with the position and pose of their bodies, otherwise the photo can be quite stiff and unnatural.


4. Capture the beauty of autumn with a photo-booth

It is such an amazing experience to go around a park, school or shopping centre with a photo booth and take some lovely photos of your family together. It’s a fun way to celebrate autumn and capture the joys and memories of the season.


5. Make your own autumn photos

fall breakfast

There is no need to buy expensive props or hire a professional photographer when you can create your own autumn photos in your own home. Take time to sit down and think about what you would like in the image. Once you have decided, you can add some props, a nice piece of clothing or even a bit of greenery. You could make a collage of different images that you have created.


6. Get your family involved in your photos

fall famiily photo

It’s always best to try to get your whole family involved in the shoot. The more people who are in the photo, the better. If you take a group photo of your family, make sure you all look at each other. It will look much more natural than a photo where no one is looking at anyone else.


7. Photograph your children playing in the snow

It is so amazing to photograph your children when they are outside in the snow. It adds such a depth and warmth to the image and will make your children look so happy. If you live in a colder climate it is important to make sure you have a warm winter coat on for the photo, as well as gloves and a hat.


8. Capture all the excitement of Halloween

Halloween can be an exciting night in your home. All your friends are coming round and you can get dressed up and go out for a night of fun. Take time to think about what you would like in the image, and get your camera ready before the rush to get the perfect shot. If you want to try something different, then try a black and white image for the halloween season.

9. Photograph your children playing outside

children are playing

Autumn can be a lovely season for outdoors activities, which is why it makes such a good time to photograph your children. They can play outside in their own little world and they are much happier in nature than they are inside. Make sure you get them to dress in their best clothes for the shoot so that they feel proud of themselves.

10. Use Leaves

fall leaves

The most obvious way to add a natural feel to your photos is to use autumnal leaves. Use them as backdrops or props to create a variety of images. For a simple, elegant look, choose the lightest of greens, or you can create a striking pop of color with vibrant orange, yellow or red leaves.

11. Capture your family in autumnal attire

fall attire

The beauty of autumn is that the leaves turn colours and become stunning. Your family can dress up in the colourful clothing and accessories that are available this time of year. If you are going out to photograph your family in the countryside, make sure you bring some warm clothing. Autumn is a great time for dressing up and getting dressed up too.


12. Photograph your family at a local festival

A good way to get some great photos of your family in the autumn is to go to a local festival. They tend to be fun events where you can meet lots of new people, and you may even have a few free drinks. All you need to do is take a camera with you and go and enjoy yourself. The trick is to try to capture some candid moments where the whole family is laughing and smiling.


13. Photograph your family during the day

fall family

If you don’t live near the sea or the countryside then it is always a good idea to look out for autumnal photo opportunities. You could photograph your family in your garden or at the local park. Just make sure you think about what would look great in the image; it’s best not to just grab your camera.


14. Photograph your family at sunset

fall family

The last days of autumn are the perfect time to take a group photo of your family. You can have a lovely meal together and enjoy


15. Set the Scene

Capture your favorite season with the perfect set and props. Take your outdoor shoots outside for added charm, or for a more dramatic look, try shooting at night or inside your own home. You can also create moody portraits by lighting the scene with warm, romantic tones.

16. Look Up

Add a sense of intrigue and mystery to your pictures by photographing objects from above. Take your shots on a cloudy day or in low light to capture a soft, mysterious feeling. You can also use objects such as flowers, trees or a sculpture to create a strong composition.

17. Capture the Colors

The warm, rich colors of autumn can be captured with ease. For example, you can use bright, vibrant orange leaves as a backdrop to your subject, or create a more subtle effect by using yellow, green or red leaves. Try combining several shades of leaves for a beautiful array of colors. You can also choose to shoot in black and white to bring out the colors of autumn.


18. Create a Mood

fall portrait

It’s easy to create a moody portrait when the colors of autumn are reflected in the subject’s eyes. Create a soft, romantic scene by shooting at night with a warm glow around your subject. You can also use dramatic lighting to create a dramatic, moody portrait. Or use a bright spotlight and shoot at a 90-degree angle to create a strong contrast.


19. Use the Landscape


If you want to add some structure and depth to your shots, then it might be worth investing in a tripod. You can then get up close and personal with your subject, and create an atmospheric, natural feel to your images. Try using long exposure settings to capture the changing of the leaves. Alternatively, you could try creating a series of photos showing the colors of autumn as they change over the seasons.


20. Create the Perfect Scene

You can also create some gorgeous fall landscapes by adding in a range of textures. For example, you could use leaves or autumnal flowers for a textured backdrop. Add a touch of autumn to your outdoor shoots by using bright yellows and oranges, or by creating a colorful, vibrant composition. You can even use a series of colored leaves to create a rainbow effect.


21. Shoot at Dusk

Shoot at dusk for a stunning array of colors. You could set up a scene with a tree in the background and shoot at sunset to create dramatic images that will make your viewers gasp with amazement. Alternatively, try shooting in the early morning before the sun has risen. If you’re lucky enough to have a park nearby, then you can shoot there at dawn to create a beautiful sunrise and add drama to your images.


22. Use Flowers

When you take a look at the colors of autumn, you may notice the contrast between the warm, orange hues of the season and the cool, vibrant shades of autumn flowers. You can create some stunning images by using a combination of colors, either in the foreground or background. For example, you could choose a range of autumnal flowers as a backdrop to your subjects, or create a series of images with each flower in a different color.


23. Go for Black and White

Black and white is a great way to create a dramatic effect in your photos. It can make the subject stand out, and create a unique and dramatic feel. You can also use the black and white tones to emphasize the colors of the leaves, creating an interesting array of images.


24. Capture the Colors

When the changing of the seasons hits, you’ll find there’s no end of colors.

25. Make it Personal

Add a personal touch to your photos by adding a message or quote to a leaf. It can be anything from a favorite song lyric to a special memory, or a love note to your favorite person. Alternatively, you could create a series of images where each image shows a different aspect of your personality. For example, you could have one photo of yourself smiling with the autumn leaves behind you, another shot with the colors of autumn reflected in your eyes, and a third image where you look pensive and reflective with the leaves framing the subject.


26. Take it Outside

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, then you could take your shoots outside. You could use a tripod to create dramatic landscapes, or just lay on the grass and capture the changing of the leaves as they fall. You could even experiment with the sun to create different effects.


27. The changing leaves

fall leaves

The leaves are changing color all around us, from bright yellows and oranges to deep reds and fiery purples. To create images that capture that autumnal feeling, try a close-up on your subject, or shoot a series of images of your subject in different angles and lighting conditions.


28. The beauty of nature

beautiful nature

Whether you’re taking photographs of the autumnal foliage or your own garden or backyard, add some natural elements to your shots to make them more interesting. Try shooting a series of images with a few different objects – such as fallen leaves or branches – scattered around your subject, to show how beautiful and varied nature is.


29. A new pair of shoes

Autumn is a great time to buy a new pair of shoes, and when you’ve picked the perfect pair, take photos of yourself wearing them. It might seem like a very personal thing, but there’s something very attractive about someone else looking good, especially when they look so stylish!


30. The perfect backdrop

Autumn is an excellent time to get out and about and see what’s on offer in the local area. Whether it’s a small country town, a quaint seaside resort or a bustling city, autumn makes a great backdrop to your photos.


31. The weather

fall tree

If you live in a temperate climate, there’s no better time than autumn for taking outdoor photographs. Take advantage of the changing light, the cooler temperatures, and the wonderful weather. The colors of fall will really stand out in a good sunset shot – so try going to your local beach or park at dusk and capturing the sun setting over the ocean.


32. The changing seasons

It’s an annual event that will be here again in 2019, but autumn is also the time of year when the seasons change – whether it’s an added layer of color to your leaves, a new sweater to warm you up, or an extra day off school.


33. The changing colors in people’s faces

smiling girl in autumn

Autumn brings a host of colors into the world – the beautiful greens of nature, the rich hues of the leaves on the trees, the bright orangey yellows of the apples, and the warm, welcoming reds and pinks of the flowers. If you take photos of yourself, try using different lighting to show off all of these colors in your face.


34. The changing colors in the home

Fall brings a host of colors into the home as well – the changing leaves that decorate your front porch, the bright oranges and yellows of pumpkins, the warm reds of the fall decorations, and the beautiful golden hues of the evergreens. Try taking photographs of your home at different times of the day to capture the changing colors.


35. A new season

The autumn is a great time to celebrate a new season, whether it’s a new job, a new baby or even a new hobby. Whether you want to take photos of a new outfit or a new pair of shoes, there’s no better way to welcome in the new year than with a series of images that capture you in the best possible light.


36. A fresh start

Whether you’re going away on holiday or starting a new job, autumn is the perfect time to get out and enjoy yourself. So whether you are planning a relaxing beach holiday or a city adventure, try capturing the moment when you are excited about your upcoming journey and excited to see what the next 12 months will bring.

37. A ‘Chill Out’ Photo Shoot

If you’re feeling a little stressed, try creating a cool, calm and collected photo shoot instead. With a variety of props and locations, your creative mind will really come alive as you work your way through these ideas.

38. Autumn Flowers

fall flowers

These autumn flowers are bursting with beautiful colour and life. Create a number of different poses to really bring the beauty of these gorgeous flowers to life.

39. Autumn Forest

autumn forest


A forest is the perfect place for an autumn shoot. This shot has been created by simply placing the subject in front of the forest background. It’s a really easy way to give a nice natural feel to your images.

40. Autumn Time

fall forest

A simple idea that doesn’t take long to set up, but gives you a lot of creative freedom. Simply find a beautiful spot to create some dramatic, colourful images.

41. Autumn Portrait

Another great fall portrait is one where the subject is posed against a beautiful backdrop. Use natural lighting to create some stunning portraits.

42. Autumn Sunset

The sun is sinking down into the horizon, creating a fantastic sunset to capture. A really quick and simple idea for a fun autumn shoot, but it also gives you a chance to try out your creativity.

43. Autumn Tree

fall leaves

An autumn shoot is a wonderful opportunity to explore the depth and texture of a tree. You can use a variety of different poses to capture the beauty of a tree.

44. Autumn Garden

autume garden

A garden is a lovely spot to explore and shoot during the autumn. You can work around the plants to create some stunning images, as well as capturing the colours of the season.

45. Autumn Candles

Candles are an amazing way to create a romantic, soft light. Create a couple of different settings to capture them in all their glory.

46. Autumn Flowers as a Backdrop

This autumn flowers shoot has been created by simply adding the flowers in the scene. It creates a lovely soft image that allows you to concentrate on the beauty of the flowers.

47. Autumn Portrait

fall couple

An autumn portrait shoot is a great opportunity to create images that capture the beauty of your subject’s face.

48. A Fall Wedding

A rustic autumnal shoot is perfect for a fall wedding. For a rustic but elegant affair we love

49. A Fall Holiday

fall holiday

A warm and inviting mood in a cosy setting can make for some stunning images.

50. Autumn in Paris

The natural feel combined with the beach setting makes these look timeless and elegant.

51. A Warm and Elegant Dinner

fall party

If you are planning a dinner party then we recommend this elegant shoot.


52. An Autumnal Christmas Party

fall party

We love this elegant shoot featuring a lovely cake stand and plenty of sparkly decorations.


Fall is one of the best times of the year to get in touch with your inner photographer. It’s when the sun sets earlier and leaves turn from green to red, orange and yellow.

It’s the perfect time to practice your photography skills and capture beautiful memories. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you can always learn something new.

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