What is a DCR File and How to Open It

What is a DCR file?

A DCR file is a proprietary data file format used by Nikon digital cameras. DCR files are created by the Nikon Capture software, which is a program that allows you to transfer images from your camera to your computer.

DCR stands for “Digital Camera Raw,” and it’s a file type used in the DNG (Digital Negative) standard. A DNG file is an open-source raw image format created by Adobe Systems as an alternative to proprietary raw formats like Canon CR2 and Nikon NEF.

The DCR file format was created for use with the DNG standard, so all of these files are essentially identical: they’re just different ways of storing the same data!

How to Open DCR files

DCR files can be opened and edited using Digital Camera RAW Converter (DCR) software, which is available for free download at the developer’s website. The DCR file format was introduced by Kodak in 2003, and has since been adopted by other digital camera manufacturers as well.

This format is not supported by all photo editing programs, so if you’re unsure whether or not your software supports DCR files, check with the manufacturer before attempting to open a DCR file on your computer.

You can open DCR files using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, but there are also programs that will allow you to view them without having to install anything else on your computer.

We recommend using the free program IrfanView for this purpose, since it can open almost any file type without any additional software required.

If you don’t have IrfanView installed on your computer yet, download it here: https://www.irfanview.com/