21 Best Free Stock Photography Websites that You will Love

a free product photo
a free product photo

Sometimes you need beautiful photos for your project and you don’t have much time and money to take photographs by yourself.

However, there are more and more photography websites that are offering beautiful stock photos for free. We collected a list of 21 websites and still update them. The photos here are really good and you can use them for commercial purposes, but before you use any of the photos, please check the licenses carefully

1. unsplash.com

 Unsplash can be considered the pioneer in the free photography field. Founded in 2013, Unsplash now has more than 1.5 million photos. 

The photos can be used for free for commercial purposes.

2. gratisography.com

You can also find high-resolution images on the site. Gratisography has covered a lot of categories that can suit your needs. From animals, business, to people, and nature, 

3. burst.shopify.com

The free photos are provided by Shopify, an e-commerce platform company. They provide you with a lot of beautiful images, especially gorgeous photos related to products and e-commerce.

4. lifeofpix.com

Not only free beautiful photos, but the website also added 10 new photos every week from their collection “Photographer of the Week”.

5. startupstockphotos.com

As you can imagine when you hear their domain name, the website provides a collection of beautiful photos that can be used for startups, businesses, developers, designers, and creators. 

6. mmt.li

mmt.li is now focastock.com. You can also find free videos to use for your commercial projects. There have been over 80.000 downloads since the site was launched. 

7. pexels.com

Pexels is a big photography website that you can find unique photos and use them for commercial purposes. There are more than 40.000 photos on the site. Some photos cannot be found elsewhere.

8. madeleine.co

Here on the site, there are free photos and attribution-required photos. You should check the licenses of the images carefully before using them.

9. freenaturestock.com

You can find beautiful photos related to nature and the landscape here. Beautiful and high-resolution photos are free for commercial use.

10. jaymantri.com

If you are looking for photos of the ocean, city, and nature, you can visit the site. The photos are free for commercial use.

11. stokpic.com

You will be emailed 10 new photos every week from the site. You can use for free and you cannot redistribute the photos.

12. stocksnap.io

Their free photos are under a CCO license that you can do whatever you want with the photos and without attribution. It is a good option if you are looking for beautiful photos for your project.

13. picography.co

Picography is also a good photography website that offers beautiful photos for free.

14. isorepublic.com

What is good about isorepublic.

Not only photos but also videos are offered for free on the website. 

15. pixabay.com

Pixabay is one of the most popular photography websites. Sometimes you cannot see the images here on other websites.

16. foodiesfeed.com

If you are looking for food photos, foodiesfeed is the right place for you.

17. photos.bucketlistly.com

You can find beautiful photos for your travel blog, social media, and website here. 

18. splitshire.com

There are free gorgeous images and videos on the website. Of course, you can use them for free for commercial purposes.

19. foodiefactor.com

Here is another good photography website for food ideas. There are already over 1000 stock photos on the site.

20. cupcake.nilssonlee.se

The website is created by Jonas, the site owner. He offers beautiful photos related to nature and landscapes for free. 

21. images.superfamous.com

If you are looking for beautiful nature and abstract photos, superfamous is your must-see place. 

5 Websites to Sell Your Photos Online

Sell photos as a photographer
Sell photos as a photographer

Do you love photography? Do you bring your camera everywhere? Is it your passion to take perfect photos of beautiful flowers and every beautiful natural object. If it’s your passion, how can you turn your photography passion into profit by selling your capture photos: because we know a perfect capture picture is worth a thousand words. In this article, I’m going to inform you about the best places and sites where you can sell your photos and earn a handsome amount through your photography passion.

5 Places Where You Can Sell Online Pictures And Make Money From Your Passion

As we know, all marketers, industries, graphics designers, and corporations buy and use online photos. In this article, we”ll share the top five best sites where you can sell your photos online and can turn your photography passion into profit. Rates vary from site to site.

1. Adobe Stock 

Adobe Stock is formally known as Fotolia, is a large photo selling platform. Most probably the first marketplace to sell online photos in the world. It gives you a hefty payment for your pics that are added to the Adobe Stock. Adobe Stock doesn’t force you to sell your photos copyrights with pictures like any other platform. It’s mean you can sell your images at the same time on other platforms as well. It’s generally said that Adobe Stock will become the prime destination of selling and buying photos in the future.

2. Shutterstock 

Shutterstock is another large marketplace to earn money through your pictures. Shutterstock has more than 200 million images, videos, and music track for purchasers to buy beautiful images and adorn their webs and blogs. Shutterstock protects your photos copyrights, ownership, and markets your brand. Like the Adobe Stock, you can sell your pictures at any other platform at the same time. Once you become the site contributor, you can earn money whenever someone downloads or purchase your images.

3. Alamy 

Alamy is another large marketplace where you can sell your stock photos. It has soft rules, although it has no significant quantity of buyers as Shutterstock and Adobe Stock possess, still it provides you excellent revenue option. You can upload your photos without any copyrights or licensing issues. Alamy has made $180 million in payout to photographers. No doubt, rates of Alamy are competitive and pays 50% for each sale to the photographers ( which makes it highly competitive ).

4. Etsy 

Etsy is another great place to sell your photos. Etsy has 3 million users and provides you different incentives to sell your photos through their platform. It’s a big point of Etsy that it has a large number of audience to purchase your online images. Besides digital images, you can sell your prints on Etsy as well. If you really want to expand your photography business or turn your photography passion into profit, then Etsy is an excellent option for your photography business. Now the question arises why it’s an excellent option? The answer is because you can set your images price by yourself and can control photo display to buyers.

5. Crestock 

Crestock provides you another way to earn money through your photos. Make a free account on Crestok and upload your photos, and after the evaluation of your photos, Crestock will set them in Crestock Portfolio. From the Crestock portfolio, customers can purchase your photos. To make your pictures more prominent, you can add tags and descriptions to make your photos more scannable.

How to Name Your Photography Business

a photographer

Choosing a photography business for yourself is not an easy task; it takes a lot of hard work, enormous energy, and especially it’s not easy for a photographer to capture the true emotions of the people and capture a memorable picture for the audience. The picture that makes people smile for years. Of course, the photographer needs an awesome camera and other expensive gears. But when it comes to photography business or business in photography, you have two options. Firstly you can opt for a home-based business and secondly you should have an accurate location. The choice is yours. But you can’t choose any XYZ name. Being an observer of the competitor’s business name, you should choose a unique and memorable name that will make you stand out among the competitor community.

Let’s Discuss How To Choose Perfect Name For Your Photography Business 

There’re a lot of names you can choose for your photography business. If you’re going to start your new photography business, I”ll give you some creative and unique name for your business, which surely dispels out your tension. Apart from, a creative and unique name will help your business stand out from the crowd.

Wedding Photography Business Names 

A wedding photographer knows how to attract clients and make them satisfied. And of course, you should have an attractive business name, especially which expresses love.

Remeberable Photography Studio

Love Photo Studio

. “Will do”PhotoShop

Capture Your Moment Photo Studio

Dreamland Photo Studio

Outdoor Photography Name 

These names are for those who are nature lovers. Perfect for all outdoor photography, for instance, landscapes, forest, mountains, with cute animals, historical sites, architectural and interior design, etc.

Superb Impression Photography

 Natural Pose Photography

Style Yourself Photography

Modern ImagePhotography

Smooth Images Photography

Maternity Photography Business Name 

If your area is maternity and newborn baby, you should choose an adorable and attractive name for your photography business. Matching name with family and parents that convey a very clear message to clients. Because in the baby field and in any other fields of photography, clients always like professionalism.

New Born Photo Studio

Mom And Dad Photoshop

Family Photoshop

Cool Baby Photo Studio

Baby Love Photography

Portrait Photography Business Name 

In this modern age, everyone is using smartphones. Do you? Yes, of course, we love selfies. In spite of selfie stick, sometimes we can’t take the perfect photo of ourselves, I’m right? 

So don’t worry, professional photographers are ready to provide their services to you. If you’re a portrait photographer you can use these names to help your client understand about  your portrait photography business. 

Excellent Portrait Photo Studio

Catchy Lineament Photoshop

Your Choice Photo Studio

Queen Photography

Modern Portrait Photography

Some Points You Should Consider While You’re Choosing Photography Business Name 

1. Judge Your Specialization Area

2. Use Your Original Name

3. Consider Easy Pronunciation

4. Emotion Trigger Names

5. Catchy Name

Some Online Tools Help You To Generate Online Photography Business Names

1. Business Name Generator 

2. BrandBucket

3. Panabee  

4. Names 4 Brands

What Is A Watermark And How To Watermark Photos

Watermarked Photo
Watermarked Photo

What is a watermark, and how can you watermark photos? Let me answer your question. Watermark is your permission, which prevents people from sharing your photos online without your consent credit. Watermark creates an obstacle for the image thieves to steal your photos online. Why do people use a watermark on images? Do professional photographers watermark or put their signs on the images? Does watermark have advantages? Be patient; I’m going to explain every nook and corner of these questions to clarify your views.

History Of Watermarking 

Andrew Tirkel firstly used the term watermark in 1992, and the first watermarks appeared in Italy during the 13th Century. Watermarks were used for identification purposes or highlight the manufacturer’s trademark. To prevent forgery or fraud, papermakers and photographers used watermarks.

What Is A Watermark Logo 

The watermark logo is basically a text or design that is imposed on the picture to prevent its illegal or without permission uses. Mostly stock photo websites and companies provide non-purchased with watermark based photos. If someone buys, they will give you an original copy of the image.

Advantages Of Watermark 

There’re many advantages to watermark images. Let’s have a quick look.

Protect Individuality

Watermarking protects your image individuality and keeps it away from piracy. If someone wants to steal your image and uses it for personal purposes, then watermarking restricts one’s wrong intentions. Visible watermark on your photos secures your intellectual property.

Maintain Uniqueness 

Watermark maintains the uniqueness of your image. Watermark works like copyrights that promote your brand. For instance, a company logo.

Secure Original Image 

The watermark module always keeps your original picture secure. Whenever you want to download the original picture, just click it, and the image will start downloading immediately.

Resize It Without The Image Quality 

The size of the watermark image will always be different from the original picture. The watermark module scale down the image when you upload it without hitting the image quality.

Market Your Brand 

You use a watermark on the image to market your brand and to make a watermark image your brand’s identification sign.

Do Professional Photographer Put Their Names On The Photos?

Do Professional Photographer Put Their Names On The Photos? If the answer is yes, then why they do this activity? Let’s explore the question. Professional photographers put their names on the photos because they want to be known as professional photographers. They want their photos protection, that’s why they add their signature on the image. You can use several watermark software to help you add watermark to your photos easier. 

Watermark Software

Here we recommend you to use Watermarkup a web-based watermarking tool for everyone.

This web-based application also lets you import or export photos in JPEG, PNG file formats. This application has a lot of text features for its users like a signature, and many more that enable you to add visible or invisible watermark on your photos.

It also has a watermark customization option. You can write text or images/logo as a watermark on your pictures.

How to Add Watermark and Logo to 30 Your Photos at Once

How to use our watermark application and add watermarks to your photos (Detailed explanation)

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. How to add watermarks and logo to 30 photos at a time
  3. Step 1: Upload
  4. Step 2: Add watermark to photos
  • Add logo to your photos
  • Add text to your photos
  • Add text templates to your photos

5. Step 3: Download

You visit the link: http://watermarkup.com/watermark.html. After that, you will see the application interface.

Image Upload
Upload Images to Get Started.

After you upload some photos, the main application will be like this:

The Main Application
Watermarkup Application

The left sidebar is the main menu including Adding Text, Adding Logo, Adding Text Templates, and Edit Scene. 

And the central area of the application is the main canvas. Your photos will appear here and you can choose options to add text or logo to your photo.

If you are new to the application, you can view the tutorial to know more how to use it. Simply click “Start Tutorial” to start, or you can review the tutorial anytime by choosing “Start Tutorial” right below the “Edit Scene” feature.

Start Tutorial to Know More about The Watermark Application
Start Tutorial to Know More about The Watermark Application


How to add watermarks and logo to 30 photos at a time

Step 1: Upload

The first thing you need to do is to upload your photos. If you don’t upload them, the application cannot understand what you want to process.

In the pro version, you can upload 30 photos at a time and watermark 30 photos at the same time. We will test to increase the number of photos in the next version. The file types should be PNG, JPG, JPEG.

When you edit, add text, and add your logo to the image that is on the main canvas, the rest of the images will be automatically applied. But we have an option for you to edit each image separately. 

If you have already uploaded the photos, you can start adding watermark to your photos.

Step 2: Add watermark to photos

Add logo to your photos

If you have already had a logo, you can click on ” LOGO” to get started. There is an open window for you to choose your logo. The file type of your logo should also be PNG, JPG, JPEG.

Add Logo
Add Logo to Your Photos

You should click “Choose Logo” and then “Upload Logo” for the application to store your logo. After you chose your logo, click on it, and the logo will be added to the current photo. To move the logo, you need to click on the logo to select it. After being selected, there are small squares around the logo and when you hover over the logo, the mouse icon will change. 

To move the logo, you need to left-click on the logo and hold your mouse to move to the area you want. You will have the freedom to move your logo and resize it. To resize it, you move your mouse over the small squares, you will see that you mouse changes and you can resize the logo. 

The logo is also automatically applied to other images. To check this, you can click on the preview of each image, and you will see that.

After you are satisfied with the position of the logo, you can move to the next step: Download.

Add text to photos

You need to click on “TEXT” to add text to your photos.

Add Text to Photos
Add Text to Photos

The text menu will appear and you should start typing in the text box. You can edit or modify the text by choosing some options like changing text color, text opacity, the font styles, text background color, and so on. After you are satisfied with the text, you can add text to your photos by clicking “Add Text”.

You can choose “Single” or “Tiled” to add text. If you choose “Tiled”, the text will be applied across the images.

Layout Mode
Layout Mode

Add text templates to your photos

The text templates are the ones we designed for you. Currently, the new text templates are not available yet. We are working to release new text templates soon.

Add Text Templates
Add Text Templates

Step 3: Save your photos to your computer.

There are two options for you to choose from when it comes to downloading. The first option is to download each photo that is already on the main canvas. The button “Download Current” will help you do that. If you want to download another image, you need to click on the preview of that image to make it appear on the canvas. If the image isn’t on the canvas, you cannot download it.

The second option is to download all your photos in the left sidebar. You only need to click on the button “Download All” and after that, you can download a zip file that contains all watermarked photos.

Download Photos
Download Photos

If you need more help, you can contact us via email at [email protected] or via our social media accounts here

Should I Watermark My Photos?

a watermarked image
a watermarked image

We capture moments and pictures. We love our pictures and keep them on our top priority because we put our energy, soul, heart, sweat, and tears during photo capturing. That’s why we want to protect our hard work. That’s the reason why we watermark our photos, and it’s common practice in the photography industry. The concept of watermarking is quite clear and understandable, but in reality, why it’s necessary?  Watermarking is a practice to print or place a text or logo on the picture to highlight the creator of the picture or avoid any picture stealing. Watermarking your photos provides you an opportunity to market your brand, your company logo, or especially your work.

3 Reasons To Watermark Photos 

Why should I watermark my photos? Is it necessary? Is there any advantage for me to watermark my photos? There are a lot of questions that arise in your mind related to watermarking photos. Let’s discuss one by one.

Marketing Purposes 

You need to promote your photos; you want to promote your brand, you want to promote your company logo. Watermark makes the picture more searchable and scannable among the ocean of pictures. No doubt, it’s very beneficial for marketing your brand and logo.

When people see your images with your brand, they will be aware of your business. If you are running an e-commerce store, you can add your brand to your product photos. It can be a powerful marketing tool. People see your products, they share with others, and more people will know your products and business.

Avoid To Reproduces And Stolen 

Yes, you don’t want that people stole your hard work, reproduce your hard work. And most important, keep your photos safe and secure from the people who posted your images on their website without your permission.

As a professional photographer, you don’t want other people to steal your photos and claim that the photos are their assets. 

As an e-commerce store owner, your competitors cannot take your photos and use them for their websites and services.

Touch Of Professionalism 

Watermark gives your image a professional touch and makes your pictures more professional and credible.

When your clients see the product photos with your company logo, they will know that you are the designer and creator, not someone else. The products are created by your company, and no other competitors can deliver great results like you.

Pros And Cons Of Watermarking Your Photos 

We have mentioned earlier that watermarking your photos is necessary to maintain your photo’s individuality. Let’s have a look at some prominent pros and cons of watermarking.


1. Watermarking Highlights Your Personality When Photos Are shared 

When photos are shared on different platforms, it gives exposure to your personality. Because you have a name on the photos that makes you well known among the photographers and the general public.

2. Watermarking Credit Your Energy 

No doubt, watermarking on your photos gives you credit from people when people share these watermark photos.

3. Watermarking Keeps Your Work’s Individuality Maintain 

Through watermarking, people won’t be able to steal your photos. Because your photos possess your name and they won’t be able to remove your watermark, right?


Although watermarking your photos has many advantages, but at the same time, it has some disadvantages as well. Let’s discuss some prominent demerits of watermarking.

1. Watermark On The Photo Can Hide Original Theme Of The Photo

A beautiful picture full of colors conveying an energetic message, but watermark on that lovely image distracts the attention of the people from the actual concept of photo. Logically isn’t it right?

2. Be Careful with Watermarks 

Believe me, even your photo has beautiful, and color fonts, but if you don’t place the watermarks in the right place of the photo, it can cause ugliness and give an unpleasant look to your photos.

3. Can Be Removed Or Crop 

Yes, your watermark photos can be edited easily; people can take screenshots and can edit it according to their desire.

Therefore, in order to minimize the disadvantages, you need to choose the right place to add your watermark to your photos. 

There are several common questions related to watermarking, here we also help you answer them:

Should I watermark my photos on Etsy?

If you are selling your products on Etsy, in our opinions, you can add your logo or watermark to your photos. Other people cannot steal them and use for their shops. When people save your images to share or to see later, they can easily remember your business name, your social media accounts, and your websites.

That’s great, right? People can forget where they get the product photos from. But when they see the images, they can remember that. 

Should I watermark my photos on Instagram?

A lot of companies market and sell their products on Instagram, if you are one of them, you should. Like we mentioned above, watermarks can help people remember your business and market your brand. It also helps you protect your photos.

If you paid a lot of money to capture the products, why shouldn’t you protect your photos? 

But if the watermark can distract from the content, you can choose to watermark some photos, not all. 

If you don’t sell your photos or products or you are not worried about image theft, and you want to share your photos with other people, it is not necessary to watermark your photos.

The answers

In general, it is up to you and your situations to decide if you should watermark your photos or not. If you are running a business, watermarking photos can be a good option for you. It helps you promote your business and also avoid online image theft. But you also need to consider the color, size, and position of the watermarks to make your photos always look great. It is also fine that you watermark only some selected photos you need.

Sometimes you only want to add some characters, icons, signs, symbols to your images, it is okay to use watermark tools or photo editors. Some watermark tools and image editors can provide you with these functions.

If you want to share your images with broader audience and don’t need to care about your ownership, that is fine to not watermark your images.

How To Choose The Right Font For Your Watermark

font for watermark
font for watermark

Being a photographer, you know the importance of a watermark on your photo. Why it’s so necessary? Watermark is essential because it protects your creativity and photography business, along with it markets your brand. But when the question arises about the selection of right fonts for the watermark, you become confused. According to an estimation, there’re 300,000 fonts in the world you can use for the watermark. A great option, right? Let’s discuss how you can choose the best fonts for the watermark. And in this article, we also provide you with more than 20 good fonts for your signature logo or watermark. You will be finally able to choose the best font for you.

Types Of Fonts 

There’re many types of fonts you can use, and below, we’re going to explain some of them concisely.

1. Serif 

Serif fonts are known as classic fonts and are like to use in print materials. Serif fonts are pleasing to eyes and belong to a tradition, safety, reliability, history, and safety. So if you’re going to market your brand related to any of these categories, you can choose serif fonts. Example: Times, Georgia, Palatino, New Roman, and Cambria, etc. 

2. San Serifs

San Serifs fonts are usually used in websites and other publications due to their modern, fresh and elegant look. These fonts have no feet or shoes. Example: Arial, Impact, Tahoma, Verdana, Corbel, etc. 

3. Script Or Handwriting 

handwriting fonts
handwriting fonts

As the name expressing handwriting fonts look like handwriting and cursive script. These fonts are known as elegant, graceful, playful, and feminine, but they’re hard to read. That’s why they should be used minimally. They give a historical look, so when you need a historical text, you can use them. Let’s take a look at some handwriting fonts deeply.

Stay Classy 

Well written, gorgeous, and interesting style of fonts. Use for headers or small pieces of text along with a classy background.


Imperfection style for fonts. Marrisa looks like we received notes from our forefathers or relatives. Full of vibes and curves that attract attention.

Wild Youth 

Gorgeous and adventurous fonts created by Jermey Vassey. Wild Youth has beautiful curves and style that seems perfect for quotes, logos, apparel, wedding invitations, etc.

4. Decorative

These fonts can grab your attention and are commonly used in logos, posters, homepage, and anything that needs to bold. Example: New Rocker, Pinewood, Curlz, etc. 

How Can You Choose Right Fonts For Your Brand / Logo 

watermark fonts

Of course, you have chosen the right fonts for the logo; is it enough? No, more decisions waiting for you. Firstly, the font you select should be closely related to your logo because, in this way, the client easily relates the photos to your business. If you still don’t choose the text for the logo, then choose a font that highlights your brand or similar to brand content. For instance, if you take a wedding image, you should go for fancy fonts. Or if you take professional photos, you should go for formal fonts.

Ensure Its Visibility 

watermark fonts

Once you choose fonts that appeal to you, test them on one photo to observe the size, opacity, thickness, and location because visibility depends on these features. You can adjust any feature with the help of watermark tools. You can increase the opacity; you can increase the size, change the location, and whatever you like. Whatever the decision you take, ensure its visibility so that you can deserve the credit of the photo. And most important people can comprehend that the picture is yours.

Handwriting fonts are good choices for photographers

There are a lot of photographers who choose handwriting fonts for their photography logo. The handwriting fonts make the photography logo look better and more professional. If you are an independent photographer or you are running a photography business, and you decide to name your business based on your name, for example, John Doe Wedding Photography, you can choose handwriting fonts to make your name John Doe like your real signature. It makes other people feel that there is something close to you.

There are a lot of free handwriting fonts out there for you to use. We have already mentioned several good fonts above. You can also lookup some good fonts on Google fonts. If you are not familiar with Google fonts, it is a website where designers, developers, and creators can access the fonts for their projects. The fonts are free to use for both personal and commercial purposes. The website contains thousands of fonts created by many designers around the world.

Some good fonts are Sacramento, Great vibes, Mightype, KingBasil, Norican, and many more. 

20 Free Signature Fonts for Logo and Watermark Design

Note that photography is not just about photos themselves. Your photos can be used as promotion materials and you can share them on social media. Let other people see your art work.

Here in this article, we give a list of free best signature fonts that you can use to design your own watermark/logo. Let’s explore each font and choose the best font for your purpose.

1. Bacana

Bacana is designed by MAGOfonts and it is available for both personal and commercial purposes. The interesting feature of this font is its thin lines.

2. Magnolia Sky

Magnolia Sky is designed by StereoType and it  is a pretty good handwriting font. But you should consider how you use it because the font is just free for personal purposes.

3. Frutilla

Frutilla is a modern calligraphy font and it will be a great option for your watermark logo. You can use the font for both personal and commercial purposes and it is free.

4. Rachella

Rachella is a modern, fancy, and very beautiful handwriting font that you should give it a try for your watermark or signature logo. Rachella is free for both personal & commercial purposes.

5. Signatura

Signature is designed by Ianmikraz studio and it is also free for your personal and commercial purposes. The font represents beauty and elegance. It is totally worth using for your watermark and logo.

6. Notera

Notera is a quite good font when it comes to handwriting fonts. It is designed by Mns Grebck. But you should need to care about the license because Notera is free for personal purpose only.

7. Arizonia

Arizonia is a good font by TypeSETit. You can feel something romantic when looking at it. It is a perfect fit if you are using the font for wedding and family photos. And it is great that the font is free for both personal and commercial purposes.

8. Quentin

Quentin by GetStudio is a pretty good handwriting font and you can feel that it has its own taste and natural curves. It is perfect if you use it for social media ads or branding. It’s free for personal purpose.

9. Shellahera Script

Shellahera is another good font by Ryan Prasetya. The font is perfect if you want something natural and original. The font is made by using original brush pen and scanned. It’s free for personal & commercial use.

10. Herr Von Muellerhoff

Herr Von Muellerhoff is created by Sudtipos and it is a good fit if you are creating a logo for fine-art or artistic work. You can feel something very romantic as well as elegant when you only look at this font. This font is free for personal & commercial use.

11. Signerica

Signerica by Mns Grebck is a pretty good and beautiful handwriting font. It will be a good option for your signature logo or watermark. However, it is only free for personal use.

12. Magnolia Sky

Magnolia Sky by StereoType is another smooth handwriting font and it has somehting fun and friendly. The font is free for personal purpose only.

13. Fabfelt Script

Fabfelt Script is a pretty good font by Fabien Despinoy and it is free for personal use. It can be a professional script font for you signature and watermark.

14. Streetwear

Streetwear by Artimasa is perfect for photographers or people who want something sporty and fashionable. You can understand that from its name and it is a good fit for your sport and fashion photography. It is free for both personal & commercial purposes.

15. Hickory Jack

Hickory Jack created in 2016 by Brittney Murphy Design has an active feel when we look at it. Unfortunately, Hickory Jack is free for personal purpose only. You must purchase a license for commercial use.

16. Sacramento

Sacramento is a font used by many photographers around the world. Sacramento is free for your commercial use. In my opinion, it is a perfect font for your watermark and logo.

17. Mightype

Mightype by AF Studio has its own taste and looks super cool. You can feel something feminine when looking at the font. It’s free for both personal & commercial use.

18. Beautiful Bloom

Beautiful Bloom by Mats-Peter Fross is another good handwriting font and it is free for personal use only. You have to purchase a premium license if you want to use it for commercial purpose.

19. BlackJack

JackBlack is another good handwriting font by Typadelic. It seems simple when we look at it but actually It will be a perfect option for outdoor photographers who want something friendly and active. JackBlack is free for both personal & commercial purposes.

20. Abuget

The font by Khurasan is another good handwritting font and it can bed used for various cases like logos, taglines, social media posts, ads. It creates something simple but I believe it is still  a perfect fit for your signature logo. It is free for commercial use.

21. Sinkin Sans

Sinkin Sans is a fantastic, simple font that gives off an air of professionalism. However, don’t be fooled by its clean simplicity because it goes deeper than you think! Sinkin’s notches make the characters sharper and more defined while maintaining their simplistic style.

22. Morva

Morva is a typeface with elegant letters that are easy to read. It also features alternate versions in both lower and upper case, for an even more flowery effect!

23. Milkshake

Milkshake is a fun, dynamic typeface that’s sure to catch your eye. This font really shines because of its consistent roundness and smooth stroke weight – every letter flows into the next effortlessly. It works well in any situation due to it being thick enough for busy backgrounds but still easy to read on lighter ones as well. Use this typeface if you want something playful yet professional!

24. Wisdom

The Wisdom script font is a perfect choice for any playful or happy design project. The letters are intertwined with each other, making it an excellent calligraphy style that flows over images like winding rivers.

Create your own logo

After having more information about a lot of good fonts, did you decide to choose a perfect font for your logo and watermark? You can also use our examples to create yours.

But you can also consider our next tip to creating a good watermark or logo for yourself or your clients.

Your photography logo can be a combination of different fonts

Some photographers can combine handwriting fonts with san-serif fonts to create a beautiful photography logo. For example, you can use Sacramento for John Doe, and use another san-serif font like Lato for Photography. 

The above combination can be a great example for you to create your watermark. You can replace the fonts with the fonts you like. Don’t limit yourself, be creative and you may have a really good logo for yourself.

One last thing

Although there are several instructions that you can follow to create your watermark, there is no right or wrong answer. You can make different watermarks and add them to your photos. Even if you don’t like any of them, you can delete later and use others.

What to do after choosing your right fonts

After choosing the right fonts for your watermark, you may need to have some sketches of your watermark, create several logos in JPEG or PNG files, and add them to your photos to test. 

You can use Watermarkup that is a web-based watermarking application. The tool helps you watermark your photos right in your favorite browser. 

With the help of the tools, you can also watermark 30 photos at a time. That will help you choose your right font and the best watermark.