What is Photoshop’s Smart Sharpen Filter?

Photoshop’s smart sharpen filter

The Photoshop smart sharpen filter is a digital sharpening filter that can be used to improve the sharpness of images. It works by analyzing the pixels in an image and applying a series of sharpening adjustments in order to improve their clarity.

It allows you to bring out details that were previously blurred, either because of the camera or the subject. There are two ways to use this tool. You can use it to sharpen images that already have a lot of detail, like a photograph taken using a digital camera or an image printed on paper. It can also be used to make dull pictures look more interesting by removing the blur.

Smart Sharpen adjusts the brightness and contrast in an image to make it sharper and brighter. To use this tool, select the option ‘Image Adjustments’ from the Image menu and then select ‘Sharpen’.

Step 1. Smart Sharpen

Click ‘Sharpen’ in the top-left corner of the preview window. The sharpening slider moves up and down to adjust the amount of sharpening. In the top-right corner of the preview window, you can see the percentage that has been applied to the image.

Step 2. Smart Sharpen settings

Adjust the amount of sharpening. Click on the plus sign (+) or the minus sign (-) to increase or reduce the amount of sharpening. When the sharpening is increased, you can also see how the image becomes darker or lighter, depending on the amount of sharpening selected.

Step 3. Apply changes

Click ‘OK’ to save the changes. The image is now ready for editing.