What Is an ORF File and How to Open One


In digital photography, RAW is used to store the data from the image sensor without compression. This means that there is no loss in quality and allows the photographer to make use of all the available color information from the image sensor to fine tune his pictures. The RAW files are usually much larger than JPEG files, but it is easy to reduce the size of the RAW file using software such as Photoshop. Raw files allow a greater degree of control over the image and the camera settings can be used to achieve special effects. RAW files contain both RAW data and EXIF metadata. When the RAW data is compressed the EXIF metadata is removed, as the raw data cannot be altered. The ORF file format is a proprietary format developed by Olympus, and is the format of choice for Olympus digital cameras. All Olympus DSLR cameras except the OM-D EM1 support the ORF format. Olympus DSLR cameras with the D5, D810 and D850 models support the ORF format.

The file extension of ORF is.ORF and the full form of ORF file is Olympus Raw File.

What is an ORF File?

ORF is a raster image file format. It was designed by Olympus for use in their digital cameras and other devices. The ORF file format is used by devices with the ability to capture photos using the RAW image format, which allows for greater flexibility during editing.

The ORF file extension is also used as a backup file format for Olympus’ PictureGear software, as well as some other applications. As such, if you have ORF files on your computer that you need to open, it’s best to first determine which program created them before trying to open them in another program.

Using the Olympus Digital Image Viewer Software to view the Olympus RAW file

To view the Olympus Raw file, follow the steps below:

1. Download the Olympus Digital Image Viewer software. You can download the Olympus Digital Image Viewer software from the following link: https://asia.olympus-imaging.com/product/software/olympus_viewer3/index.html

Olympus Viewer is great software that is created to help you view and manage your images and movies easily. The software also has some built in functions that can help you manage your workflow easier. The software can be installed on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Mac OS v10. And the software is free.

You can also download OM Workspace to view the ORF files. The download is available here Software Download | OM Workspace | OM Digital Solutions (olympus-imaging.com)

2. You can follow the installation instructions on the website to download and install it on your computer. Open the software and Choose to open a new file.

3. From now on, you can use the software to view your ORF files without any difficulties.