Tips For Shooting The Perfect Christmas Tree Photo

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you are a photographer, it is the time to get busy with your camera. Whether you like to take pictures of your Christmas tree or you want to make it look more festive, here are some tips and ideas to shoot Christmas tree photography.

Tips For Shooting The Perfect Christmas Tree Photo:

Choose the right location

The place where you choose to shoot your Christmas tree photo has a direct impact on the result. For example, if you want a clean white background, then shooting in front of a white wall or curtain will work best. If you want to create an antique feel, then shooting in front of a wooden background would be ideal.

Shoot From Various Angles

If there is something that makes a photo look real, it’s the angle from which you shoot it. Try changing your angle every once in a while, and see how different angles change the overall look of your image. You can also change angles during the editing process later on as well.

Shoot from different heights (elevation) around the tree – high, medium, low – so that you can see different angles of the branches, needles and lights from different perspectives: straight-on, from above and below – looking up at the top of the tree (or down below it), etc., etc., etc…

Get the right angle

If you’re shooting a real Christmas tree, make sure it fills up your frame. Don’t be afraid to move closer in or back out to get just the right angle.

Use a flash or lamps to fill shadows and highlight details on the tree’s branches and needles.

Take several shots at different exposures and compare them on your computer later to find which one works best for your image by using the histogram feature in Lightroom or Photoshop Elements (or similar software).

Take A Variety Of Photos

While many people take their tree photo from one angle, try taking some from other angles as well. This will help you get interesting shots for sure!

Think about composition.

You don’t want every shot of your Christmas tree to look exactly the same. Experiment with different angles and distances from the tree itself so that your photos don’t all look exactly alike.

Use natural light whenever possible.

Artificial lights can be useful when shooting Christmas tree photography, but natural light is more flattering for people because it tends not to be as harsh as artificial light sources such as flashbulbs or bright lamps. Consider using natural light in combination with artificial lighting if necessary for supplemental illumination, but always try to use natural light first if possible!

Check out the background

Make sure that there is nothing distracting behind your subject. Try taking pictures with a white background as this will make it easier for viewers to focus on your subject only and not get distracted by anything else around them!

Show off those ornaments!

It seems like everyone has their own collection of ornaments that go on their tree each year. Why not show them off? Get up close and personal with them so we can see all the detail that went into making each one special. You may even want to include some close ups of the labels on each ornament.