7 Tips for Vintage Photography that Every Photographer Needs to Know

The popularity of vintage photography is not a recent trend, but it’s never too late to jump on the bandwagon. Forget about modern tricks or gear and take photography back to its roots with nothing more than what was available in the earlier years – film cameras that produce amazing grainy images!


When it comes to photography, the past is in again. Every photo editing app has a selection of vintage filters and these looks are more likely than ever to get likes from social media users.

It’s been more than a decade since the digital photography boom, but what if I told you that film is making an unexpected comeback? Kodak has released some classics like Ektachrome and Katacchrome back on shelves just this year. If you still have your old school camera with those lovely 35mm slides or negatives then it might be time to dust them off! And don’t worry about not taking any pictures; we’ve compiled enough tips for beginners below so all of our helpful hints should get even seasoned pros up to date in no time flat.

What do you mean by vintage photography?


How do you define a “vintage” photograph? Is it one that was taken in the 1970s, or 1900’s…or is there another definition for this word.

The term vintage photography has been used to describe many things: from photographs of scenes and people during specific time periods to images captured on film before digital cameras were commonplace. In some cases, it can be hard to know exactly what we mean when we say “a photo should look like something out of an old magazine” because everyone interprets photos differently–one person may think this means they need sepia tones while someone else might want bright colors with lots of vivid detail instead.… Read the rest