Best Tips for Amazing Mermaid Photography

If you think you are a bit nervous about shooting a mermaid then here are some tips to help you get ready to capture this beautiful creature.

The secret to having amazing photos of a mermaid is to go in with an open mind and be prepared to put yourself out there and be brave! There’s no one right way to photograph mermaids. We are a diverse species and so are we mermaids.

The tips we’ve included below are just some of the things we’ve learned as we’ve photographed these beautiful creatures. Try out a few of the ideas you see and hopefully you’ll find them helpful.

Find the perfect spot

Where you’re standing has an impact on how you’ll end up with photos, so take some time to find the perfect spot.

The best spots are often where there’s a little rocky reef, in shallow water. The rocks will … Read the rest

24 Tips to Improve Your Underwater Photography

Underwater photography is a lot of fun, but it can also be challenging. Getting good underwater photos and video requires the right equipment, training, patience, and safety precautions. With these 15 tips, you will be well on your way to capturing underwater images that are breathtaking!

The Basics of Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography

Underwater photography has a lot of benefits for the professional. Aside from being able to photograph life underwater, you also get your work published in magazines and on websites that are exclusively dedicated to documenting nature’s hidden wonders or tracking natural disasters like oil spills. It may involve some risk but most photographers have been diving with cameras since they were children so it is second-nature by now!

Technically, underwater photography is a different type of genre to work in. It takes time and patience because there are many unique subjects that you will need to be aware of … Read the rest