The Best Camera Angles for Food Photography

What are the best camera angles?

When shooting food, it’s important to use different camera angles to bring out the best in each dish. The easiest place to start is with a wide-angle lens. This creates a sense of depth, giving a focal point to the foreground. Another option is a telephoto lens, which works particularly well with desserts. It focuses in tight, and makes the dessert look as though it is floating above the plate.

For salads, wide angle lenses are also good for showing off the full color and variety of ingredients. For a shot that shows off the visual interest of food, a wide-angle lens creates a large space. If you want to show off the flavor of a dish, try a macro lens (a lens with a short focal length) or a super-macro lens (lens with a short focal length that has been specially adapted to … Read the rest

Best Tips for Taking Beautiful Chocolate Photography

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Chocolate Photography Tips and Techniques

The photography world has seen many a chocolate photoshoot take place in the last few years but there are still new techniques that are yet to be seen! Here are our top tips on how to make the perfect chocolate shoot!

Be prepared: Always make sure you have the correct equipment for your shoot, whether this is a specific camera, lenses, lighting equipment, and props. You never know when the weather is going to turn and you want to capture the moment!

Try to get out of your comfort zone: There is nothing wrong with being comfortable with a camera, and we love to see the wonderful pictures taken on a smartphone. However, you can really get creative if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and use different equipment or techniques.

Think about your setting: What is the best environment for … Read the rest

Best Tips for Professional Smartphone Food Photography

How to take stunning food photos using smartphones

Smartphone Food Photography


If you’re snapping away at a high shutter speed, you’ll end up with blurred images. That’s because the light-sensitive part of the phone’s camera lens needs a bit of a break every now and then, otherwise it goes into standby mode, which stops working altogether. So, you need to take a few seconds to lower your camera’s shutter speed, which means switching your phone into ‘burst mode’. This helps the camera to keep taking images while it waits for the shutter speed to drop to a lower setting. This can be done by tapping the screen, which then brings up a menu of settings (see image below). The settings you choose here will affect the quality of the image you take. Most likely you’ll be looking to set the camera to ‘Shutter’ mode, which will shoot images every few seconds.


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Best Tips for Cooking Photography

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As a blogger and food photographer I often get asked how to take great photos of food. After taking a look at my archives of “food shots” I realized there are a few secrets that I use to create stunning food images:

Best Tips, Techniques, and Examples to Shoot Food Advertisements
There are many different food advertising campaigns with the same message – “eat healthily”. Each one aims
The Art of Food Photography
There is no doubt that food photography has become a popular form of art. With so many people taking to

Cooking Photography

1. Shoot in low light

2. Be spontaneous and go for candid shots

3. Use a lens with lots of DOF (Depth of Field)

4. Shoot in black and white

5. Don’t worry about making it perfect—the image will be far more interesting for the viewer if it’s imperfect

6. Add props

7. Shoot in vertical format… Read the rest