Couples Boudoir Photography Ideas You Should Try

Tips for couples

Are you thinking about a boudoir session for your wedding? Have you got a couple in mind? If yes, we have compiled a few ideas to consider.

Take a photo of your own together as a couple, maybe one of you sitting in bed in a robe. Print it out and frame it in a special way. This will serve as a reminder of how beautiful you are together.

You might want to visit a photographer who specializes in boudoir photography and find out what kind of session you would prefer. A candid session is ideal, and most photographers have their own set of props to use for this. You might like to have your partner undress before your eyes. This will enhance the intimacy between you and the photographer.

Another idea is to have the photographer take some shots of you as a couple. He or … Read the rest

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How do you get that perfect pose?

The key to a beautiful pose is in finding the right balance between control and being natural. Being too controlled will show, whereas being too spontaneous will be stiff.

A successful photo shoot takes a lot of practice, but here are some basic posing tips which you can practice at home before your shoot.

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