A List of the Greatest Photography Forum

What if you could learn photography from the best in the industry? Would that be something you would get into? I know it’s something I would be interested in. Here is a list of some of the top photography forums online!

The Best Photography Websites in 2021

Photography websites are a great place to find photography inspiration, photography advice and photography

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Flickr is the best photography forum for sharing your photos with like-minded people. It has also become one of the most popular photo sharing websites since it was created in 2004. With Flickr, you can upload photos, share them with others, make comments, and explore what other people are posting. You can easily browse through different photo sets, groups, and accounts to find what interests you.

There are also some amazing features on Flickr like the member finder tool which makes finding fellow members easy. There is also a map that shows all of the member’s locations around the world. You can post your work publicly or privately depending on your level of comfortability with strangers viewing your work online.

Reddit (r/photography)

reddit photography

Reddit is an online forum that can be used to post photos or just browse through others. The most popular subreddit with over 18 million subscribers is r/photography. Here, you can post your own work, critique others’ work, and connect with other people in the same industry.


500px is another popular photography forum where photographer’s can showcase their work with others in the industry. This site has become hugely popular because of its high resolution photo uploading ability (up to 10 MB). With 500px, photographers are able to upload premium images that can be purchased by art house clients or displayed on the site for all to see.

500px also hosts monthly contests for talented photographers which include categories like “Animals” and “Landscape.” These contests are a great way to gain exposure for your work as well as win some cash prizes!

Fred Miranda Forum

fred miranda

Fred Miranda Forum is one of the most popular photography forums available on the Internet. The forum provides a space for photographers to discuss their pictures, upload new pictures, and get feedback from other photographers. The website can be used to post and share photographs as well as talk with fellow photographers about different techniques.

Talk Photography

Talk Photography is an online resource for photographers. Photographers are free to post their pictures, edit each other’s pictures, or just chat about photography. Membership is free.

Photo Central Forum

Photo Central Forum is both a website and a forum that is devoted to photography. The website posts news about the latest trends in digital photography as well as hosting forums for people to discuss issues related to photography. The forum also hosts an active community of over 18,000 members who discuss photo editing techniques, talk about how-to’s, post tutorials and share photos with other members of the site.

Photoshop Tuts+

Photoshop Tuts+ provides high-quality instructional content for all things Adobe Photoshop. The site provides articles, tutorials and courses to help photographers learn how to edit photos. It also has an active forum where users can post questions about their pictures or Photoshop problems.

Amateur Photographer

amateur photographer

Amateur Photographer is the monthly magazine for anyone who loves photography. The magazine covers subjects like landscape, wildlife, travel, natural history and photojournalism. It provides reviews of new cameras and lenses as well as how to identify common problems with pictures. Amateur Photographer also offers a range of workshops from beginner to advanced level in order to give photographers the opportunity to gain the skills they need to take better pictures.

Digital Camera World

Digital Camera World is a monthly magazine that promotes photography in all forms. In addition to articles about digital cameras, this magazine also offers coverage on alternative photographic processes such as film and printing techniques. Readers can learn about their camera’s features, read tutorials on how to improve their photography skills and find tips on how to take their pictures from good to great.

Photography Talk

Photography talk is a forum that is dedicated to the discussion of photography. They offer feedback to users, and they also offer ways for users who want to improve their photography to do so.

There are many photographers on this site and it can be a great resource for those who want to join the conversation!

The Photo Forum

The Photo Forum has been around for 20 years and is one of the oldest active online photography forums. It’s still one of the best places to go if you want to ask a question or share your thoughts on anything related to photography. They have a huge selection of DIY tutorials, graphics, stock photos and video clips.


LightStalking is a photography forum that has been designed to give photographers who are interested in photos taken by people, the opportunity to get feedback on their work. It’s also an online resource for general photography topics including preparing for Weddings, portraits, and weddings.


Photo.net is a photography forum that has been in operation since 1993. The website offers a wide range of features including an active community, tutorials, galleries, and much more.

Photography on the Net

Photography on the Net is a general site for photography enthusiasts and hobbyists. This site has a lot of different topics that range from beginner photography to advanced photography techniques and technology. The discussion forums here are supported by an active and knowledgeable community, which allows you to talk with other photographers who share your interests.


DPReview is one of my favorite photography forums. It has a wide variety of knowledgeable people who post quality content. Plus, it’s moderated by experts which means that you’ll find some high-quality information on this forum.


Petapixel is another great forum that I’ve enjoyed reading. They have a huge audience of photographers who come to share their work and knowledge. Plus, they have regular contributions from experts in the field which makes it a really valuable resource for photographers.


I’ve found both of these photography forums to be excellent resources for photographers. Plus, there are many other great photography forums out there so you should definitely check them all out! I hope that this post has given you some good ideas on where to start looking. Until next time, happy shooting! 🙂