Best Tips to Taking Amazing Ice Cream Photography

Ice Cream Photography

What do photographers use for ice cream photography?

Ice cream photography is not really a big part of our business at the moment. I just used to like doing it. But as we get older, we often have less time to spare and I’m finding that my passion for photography has waned a bit.

So we are having to rely more on the photographs that my wife takes of our children and grandchildren. However, there is one thing that we don’t do very well – taking photos of the kids eating ice cream. The kids tend to eat it on a plate and then get a spoon and dip the ice cream into the plate – which is really messy! They also often put a load of their own dirty hands into their mouth while eating it, so it is pretty difficult to get a nice image of them in the middle of a bowl of ice cream.

I wondered whether there was some way to help us out with this?

There are loads of options for you to explore. It will depend on what camera you have and how many different lenses you have at your disposal. You can use a macro lens or you can get a long focal length zoom lens for a cheaper price. The problem with these is that they often have a large minimum focus distance. However, there are some excellent alternatives.

Ice Cream Photography

You could try a digital camera, like a Nikon D40, Canon EOS 450D or 550D. These are fairly cheap to buy and, although they have no built-in macro lens, they can be used for creative ice cream photography. It will probably take a little practice to learn how to use them. You can find instructions in the user manuals which come with your cameras.

It’s quite interesting to read about some of the different ways people have been able to do this and I think it would be fun for you too!

 Ice Cream Photography Tips for Beginners

Ice Cream Photography

Ice cream is a delicious treat. We recommend that you photograph it so that it looks as tempting as it tastes. To take the best photos, we have put together 10 secrets to help you out.

1. Use filters. Shooting in natural light is often the best way to capture the true flavor of the ice cream. If you have a lot of ice cream in your photograph, you may find it hard to see any colors. Try placing the ice cream in front of a large white surface to make sure that it is visible against the backdrop. To make it easier to get the perfect shot, you may want to experiment with adding different types of filters to your camera. Some filters will enhance the color of your ice cream while others will make it look more pastel. You could also use a neutral filter to make it easier to edit out the extra props. You may think that it’s too expensive to invest in a good camera, but you will be amazed at how much better your photographs will be when you buy one.

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2. Use a soft background. Try not to use any backgrounds that are too busy. A simple white background will help to emphasize the ice cream and give the photo more interest.

ice cream photography

3. Use a large surface. Using a big board or chopping board will give you the space to stand back and admire your work.

4. Get close. Getting up close will help to draw your subject into the picture. Try using your hand to hold your camera rather than resting it on a tripod. This will create a nice casual effect.

5. Try shooting at different angles. You could try shooting the ice cream from above, below and from the side. It is a great way to show off its shape, especially when paired with a strong white background.

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6. Capture the color. Shooting in natural light is often the best way to capture the true flavor of the ice cream. If you have a lot of ice cream in your photograph, you may find it hard to see any colors. Try placing the ice cream in front of a large white surface to make sure that it is visible against the backdrop.

7. Go for the background. It might be tempting to add some detail to the foreground to make it look more interesting, but remember that the background should be the star of the picture. Choose a bright backdrop so that the focus is on the ice cream.

8. Focus on the mouth. As with any photograph, the subject needs to stand out. This means that you should make sure that you are shooting at a distance where the ice cream is the main focus. If you have a soft background and you’re taking a portrait, you may want to experiment with getting closer to fill in the mouth.

9. Have fun! A good photo is one that makes people smile and that is what we want for you. Take a few practice shots before your shoot and ask yourself if the ice cream looks appealing. Is it tempting enough? The answer to these questions will help you to make the most of your session.

Ice Cream Photography

10. Don’t forget your props. You may be tempted to add props to your shot, but they will just add to the clutter and make your picture look busy. Instead, think about what you can use to give an interesting background and to emphasize the main feature of your ice cream. You could use a slice of cake or a scoop of chocolate sauce. It’s also important to have a tripod and a camera bag with you so that your equipment is safe and secure.

11. Find a nice location. Choose a place that you enjoy and where there are plenty of interesting things to photograph. The lighting should be as flattering as possible, so choose a bright location with lots of natural light. Look for interesting buildings, sculptures and plants. The background should be neutral so it won’t distract from your ice cream.

12. Think about composition. Have a plan. What do you want to show? How will you organize your photographs? Make sure they are well balanced. You want to show as much of the ice cream as possible and not just focus on the toppings. Make sure the ice cream doesn’t cover the whole frame and that there is space in the picture for the topping or another element such as a spoon.

13. Take a few practice photos. This is especially important if you don’t know what you are doing or are new to photography. We recommend taking a few test shots, one where the ice cream looks good, another where it doesn’t look so good and one where it’s too dark. The last one will give you some idea of how you can improve your image. Once you have a few practice shots it will become easier.

Ice Cream Photography

14. Keep your shutter speed high. Ice cream is moving quickly and it needs to be frozen before the camera can take a photo. So keep the shutter speed at least 1/250th or 1/500th, ideally 1/1000th, depending on the light. If the lighting isn’t good enough, use a flash.

15. Use your camera settings wisely. We recommend setting the camera on P (Program Mode) with Auto ISO. The auto setting means that the camera will adjust the sensitivity according to the light conditions. You might want to make the aperture as small as possible to blur the background.

16. Be patient. If you are new to photography this may take time and practice. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get it right the first time. When you do take your photographs be patient and enjoy yourself. It will take time to perfect the skills and there are no rules for taking pictures of ice cream.

17. Make sure your camera has plenty of memory. A good digital camera has a big memory so you can make many more shots than you might otherwise think you can. We recommend that you take several sets of 10-20 photos with the settings we recommended in #4, so you can pick the best ones.

18. If you are on holiday, remember that you don’t need to take your camera everywhere. We recommend taking the camera along if you are on holiday or going on a long journey. This will give you an opportunity to take some good photographs of your surroundings, family, friends and food. You can share these later with the people you love most.

ice cream photography

19. Keep experimenting and learning. There is no end to photography. You can learn something new every day and there is no limit to what you can photograph. It can be flowers, buildings, children, pets, food and more. Even if you don’t know anything about photography it will help you get to know your camera better.

20. Look after your camera. Make sure it is clean and ready to use. It doesn’t need to be in pristine condition but it should always work well and not have any problems. It should come with a user manual which explains how to operate your camera. If it doesn’t, or if you have questions ask someone who knows.

21. Look at your pictures on a computer. Once you have finished taking the photographs you want to save them onto your computer. You can look at them on the computer screen and decide if they are good enough to print. There are software programs that will organize the photos for you and make sure the right ones are saved and the ones you don’t like can be deleted. You could also share them with family and friends on social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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There are a few reasons that ice cream photography is so difficult. The most important is that you’re trying to take a photograph of a liquid that’s melting in front of you.

It means that you need a lot of skill, patience, and practice to get good at ice cream photography. But it can also be a lot of fun!