How to Test and Fix Cameras For Autofocus Issues

utofocus issues occur when the camera’s autofocus system is unable to find the subject. This causes the autofocus to be unreliable, meaning the images will either have incorrect focus or may be blurred.

How to Test

To test if your camera has autofocus problems:

1. Hold the camera on a table or flat surface with your arm fully extended and look through the viewfinder. See if the image is sharp. If it is, the autofocus system is working.

2. If your camera does have autofocus issues, check that the lens is set to manual focus, and adjust it until the subject in the viewfinder is sharply focused. This will ensure that you get the most accurate focus.

3. Check the autofocus screen on the camera, which should show the subject sharply in focus. The autofocus icon will be green or yellow.

4. If you still have problems with the autofocus, try taking off the lens cap, leaving it on the camera for a moment, and then putting it back on again. If you then have autofocus issues, there may be a problem with the focus sensor on the lens.

You may also experience autofocus issues if:

  • The autofocus is slow to respond, which means the camera takes longer than usual to focus
  • The focus is erratic
  • The subject is very bright or dark, and you are using a flash
  • The lens is dirty, or there is moisture on the front element

If you experience autofocus issues, follow the steps above to test and fix them.

To fix autofocus issues:

1. Open the battery compartment, press the button that allows you to remove the battery, and put the battery back in.

2. If the problem still persists, take the camera to a specialist retailer, where they can diagnose and repair the problem.

3. To prevent autofocus issues in the future, clean the focusing screens and sensors regularly. Use a lint-free cloth to wipe the screens and sensors, and make sure that the surfaces are not too hot when cleaning.

If you are using a digital camera, check that the focus is set to manual, and that the camera has a ‘manual focus’ setting on the menu system. If it doesn’t, use the ‘auto focus’ function to set the camera to manual focus.

To stop autofocus issues in the future, keep the lens clean. Always dry the lens and camera after shooting, and do not put it in a pocket or bag containing wet items.

4. To avoid autofocus issues with your camera, use a quality lens. Choose a lens that gives a wide maximum aperture, such as a 50mm or 35mm. This will enable you to take pictures of moving subjects with minimum blur.