How to Shoot Amazing Party Photography

If you are an amateur photographer and would like to start doing amazing party photography, there are plenty of tips and ideas out there for you to use and follow. As a photographer, you will most likely be asked to take photographs at different parties throughout the year, and this requires great professionalism. While having professional-looking photos may not always be possible, there are plenty of tips and ideas for you to use to take great party photographs, regardless of your current skill level.

Here are the top tips for taking amazing party photography:

Try to get there early

If possible, try to arrive at the location where the party is taking place at least an hour before anyone else arrives. This will give you time to set up and plan out what shots you want to take before guests start arriving. You’ll also be able to get quality shots of people arriving at the event, which can make for great group photos or candid shots of friends saying hello as they walk in the door.

Get the right equipment

You don’t need a full DSLR kit to take great party photos — even a smartphone will work in a pinch. But if you want to step up your game, invest in a solid point-and-shoot camera that can shoot in low light and has a zoom lens (this way you don’t have to be right next to the action). You’ll also want to bring along some memory cards, extra batteries and an adapter for charging your phone on the go.

Have a plan before you arrive at the party.

Know what kind of shots you want to get and how you want to approach them. Have an idea of what your subject will be doing during their time at the party so you can prepare accordingly for different situations.

Be prepared for anything!

You never know what will happen at a party, so always bring extra batteries and memory cards with you wherever you go. Also, make sure that your camera is fully charged before going out on an assignment like this because charging on location could be difficult or impossible depending on where you are shooting (and if there’s even electricity).

Set up lighting before guests arrive

If you’re shooting at night, it’s important to set up some kind of lighting so your guests can see themselves in the pictures. Bring along some battery-powered lamps or string lights, which are easy enough to set up and pack away quickly once everyone leaves the party. Also consider hanging colorful flags or decorations from the ceiling for added flair.

Find Your Angle

You can create an interesting perspective by shooting from above or below your subject. This can make your images more dynamic and give them a different feel than normal shots from eye level. If you use a telephoto lens, it will make the background appear much farther away than it actually is. This allows you to shoot from any angle without disturbing anyone at the party.

Take Lots of Shots

Don’t worry about missing shots or having too many photos of each subject in one night! You don’t want to miss out on something because you were trying to get just one perfect shot. Take lots of pictures so that you can choose the best ones later when editing them on your computer or phone!

Get Close

Get as close as possible to the subject when taking photos at parties or any other events. This will help you get those stunning portraits that will surely be appreciated by everyone in the family album. It will also give a different perspective when compared with those taken from afar.

Partygoers love to be in the middle of the action, so try to get as close as possible when you’re shooting. If someone is dancing or singing karaoke, get right up there with them! You’ll get better photos if you can capture their facial expressions while they’re performing.

Shoot From All Angles

Shoot from all angles so that there is no angle missed out on in the party photos taken by professionals or by yourself during the event. If possible, take more than one picture from each angle so that there is no need to retake shots again and again if one does not turn out as expected or desired by you or your clients!

Try getting low or high, depending on what’s happening in the party. For example, if there’s a dance floor and people are dancing, try getting down low so that your subject is at eye level with their feet moving around quickly while they’re dancing. Or if there’s a band playing onstage and everyone is watching them, get high up on a balcony or stand so that you can shoot down on everyone watching at once.

Use Different Camera Modes

Sometimes it’s good to take pictures with different modes in order to capture different emotions or moods in your subjects’ faces during their special night together.

Other tips

Make sure your camera is fully charged. You don’t want the battery to die on you at an inopportune moment.

Bring extra batteries and memory cards with you if possible. This way, if something happens and your camera is damaged or stolen, you can replace it quickly and continue taking photos.

Pay attention to lighting conditions during different hours of the night. Parties often start out with bright lights shining down on everyone who’s partying hard, but once midnight rolls around things get darker and more intimate

Have fun at the party! Don’t take yourself too seriously and try to enjoy yourself as much as possible. It’s difficult to take great pictures when you’re feeling miserable or bored.