How to Hold a Camera

There are two main types of camera – single lens reflex (SLR) and point and shoot. SLRs are usually large, heavy, expensive, and have interchangeable lenses. Point and shoots are small, light, and easy to use but offer limited photographic control. SLRs are generally used to produce more detailed pictures but point and shoots are often easier to use. In this article we will be looking at how to hold a camera steady.

Holding a camera steady will allow you to focus on your subject and take your picture quickly and easily. The type of camera you use, the angle you hold it at, the height you stand above the subject and the distance between you and the subject will all influence the quality of your photograph. The following sections will help you choose the camera position and camera settings that will suit you best.

Use your hand to support the camera, not to grip it.

Hold your camera in front of you so you can easily see what you are doing. Try not to use your whole body weight to hold it. For instance, you can’t stand on your tiptoes, so don’t try. Also, make sure your arms are fully extended and that your hands are flat on the camera body. Don’t rest your elbows on the camera or your hands will jiggle, which distorts the picture. Don’t let your elbows drop down or you will push the camera off balance. Keep your head still. If you move it, you will shake the camera.

Keep the camera steady.

Try not to hold the camera by the lens or the viewfinder. Instead, hold it in front of your face so you can see what you are doing. If you hold it by the viewfinder, the camera will shake. If you hold it by the lens, the lens will come out of focus.

Place the camera on a firm surface.

Your camera has a tripod socket but try not to use it. This can affect the camera’s accuracy. Try placing the camera on a flat surface, such as a table or floor. You may find it easier to hold it with both hands, one on top of the other.

If the camera is small, try using a wide-angle lens.

This will make the image bigger and easier to focus. In general, however, the smaller the camera, the harder it is to hold steady. So try not to hold the camera so low that your head and shoulders are touching the ground. You should be able to lift your arms above your head without straining.

Use a monopod or tripod

A monopod is a special kind of tripod with a single leg. They cost less than tripods and are compact and lightweight. They are ideal for steadying a camera with a smaller zoom lens. To attach it to your camera, insert the monopod into the tripod socket of the camera and then turn it so that the monopod stands vertically.

Is there a wrong way to hold a camera?

There is no wrong way to hold a camera. However, some people prefer to hold the camera with their hands slightly apart, while others hold the camera closer to their body.