How to Batch Edit in Lightroom

Batch editing in Adobe Lightroom CC can help you to speed up your workflow. This article tells you how to create a catalog, set your preferred settings and then use this catalog to create a folder of images.

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Create a Catalog

You will need a folder of images (a folder for each photo shoot or event) that you want to batch edit in Lightroom CC. Create this folder by clicking File/New, choosing the folder type, and pressing the OK button. In the New Folder dialog box, select your new folder and press the OK button.

Select Settings

Next, select a setting and apply it to all photos in the folder. We recommend the following settings:

* [Auto Develop] – Automatically selects the correct settings for your images

* [Adjust Color Temperature] – Chooses the color temperature (warmth) of your photos

* [Auto White Balance] – Sets the white balance for your photos

* [Auto Exposure] – Sets the exposure for your images

* [Auto Contrast] – Adjusts the contrast of your images

* [Auto Sharpening] – Sets the sharpening for your images

* [Auto Tone] – Adjusts the tone of your images

If you want to remove the last image in the folder, select it in the left column, then press the Delete key. If you want to add a new image, select it in the left column, press the + key and then choose a suitable file from the right column.

Create a Folder for the Batch Edit

Finally, create a folder for your batch edited photos. From the left menu bar, select File/Library, then choose Export as Catalog. In the Export as Catalog dialog box, select the folder you created earlier, then click the Export button.

Tip: It’s easier to export a folder containing a number of folders than it is to export a single folder. For example, if you want to export a folder containing several folders (or subfolders), you need to choose the root folder and then select all the other folders or subfolders before pressing the Export button.

Batch Editing in Lightroom CC

To batch edit your photos, choose File/Open and navigate to the folder containing the images you want to batch edit. In the left column, double-click the image you want to edit and the rest of the photos in the folder will open in the right column. You can now select a setting and apply it to all the images.

After editing, close the photos using the X key, or select File/Close All.

You can now either leave the images as they are or re-export them. To do this, select File/Export and choose the folder containing the photos you want to re-export.

Use the Import Feature

You can also re-import your photos, adding or removing images from your folder. The first step is to import the images you want to add. In the left column, select the image you want to add and drag it to the top of the right column. You can then delete the images you don’t want to re-import.

You can also import a different version of your photos. Choose File/Import Photos, choose your folder and then choose the version of the folder you want to import.