Best Tips to Shoot Faceless Portrait Photography

What is Faceless Portrait Photography?

Faceless Portrait Photography is a type of portrait photography where a model has no face. The idea is that the photographer takes the portrait of the model and removes their face using a variety of techniques including Photoshop, a computer-generated portrait.

The portrait photographer usually does this for a number of reasons. They may be interested in a ‘naked’ portrait. This could be to highlight a model’s physique. Or they may just be interested in a different type of portraiture where the faces are replaced by something more abstract, such as circles or stripes.

The technique has been used in a number of advertising campaigns and fashion shoots.

Tips to shoot faceless portrait photography

Use a wide-angle lens to capture a 360-degree view of your subject. This will help you include more of the surrounding environment in your photograph. A wide angle lens has a wider field of view than a normal lens and makes it easier for you to include more people in one photo without making them feel crowded.

The second tip is using natural light as much as possible. Natural light can add more life and energy into portraits because it doesn’t have any artificial light source such as flash or strobe light which makes the subject look unnatural in front of camera. Use a light modifier to help create a more flattering appearance for your subject.

Take a look around you and see the details you can capture. Look for small elements that you might otherwise miss and try to include them in your shots. For example, a simple, unobtrusive chair in the background can add interest to a picture. A bright vase on a table adds a splash of color. It’s not always necessary to take the shot with the subject’s face in the frame; it’s sometimes interesting to remove them completely.

Try to find a place where there is a sense of peace and quiet. Don’t take your subjects into a noisy environment – they’ll feel uncomfortable. Find somewhere calm where you can wait for a few minutes before taking your shot. Remember to turn off your flash, otherwise the light will wash out all the natural colors in your subject’s face.

Have a variety of different backgrounds and poses available to photograph your subject. It’s worth experimenting with different angles and poses to find out what works best for you.

Faceless Portrait Photography Ideas

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