Leading Lines: Tips and Tricks to Capture Your Audience’s Attention

Leading lines is a technique that can make your photographs more powerful and impactful. Learn how to apply this composition trick in order to stand out from the pack of photographers trying their hand at crowded fields like wedding photography, for example; leading lines are one of our favorite tricks!

What are Leading Lines?


Leading Lines Photography is a technique where the photographer uses lines in their composition to lead viewers’ eyes to an intended subject. In order for this technique to be used effectively, there must be strong contrast between both foreground and background images because that will give your viewer’s eye more direction as they follow those leading lines towards the end point of the image.

Leading Lines photography has been around since before 1839 when English artist John Constable first developed it; however, people often get confused about what exactly makes up “leading line.” Leading Line can simply refer to any type of linear shape such as roads or rivers which are meant only serve one purpose: guiding our view through photographs by directing us along them with intentionality

Leading lines photography is a powerful technique that can help create captivating and engaging photographs.

Why Are Leading Lines Important?

Leading-Lines Leading-Lines

Leading lines are the work of centuries. Who knew that a simple stroke could be so all powerful? This is something that artist have been using for years to guide viewers’ attention and create visual flow in paintings such as Jacques-Louis David’s Oath of the Horatii, painted in 1784. The painter focused on guiding his viewer’s eyes towards where he wanted them to look – which has always been right at center stage, focusing on what they want people to see most: their subject!

In recent years, photographers have begun to use leading lines for a more professional-looking … Read the rest