Best Tips to Taking Amazing Ice Cream Photography

ice cream photography

Ice Cream Photography

What do photographers use for ice cream photography?

Ice cream photography is not really a big part of our business at the moment. I just used to like doing it. But as we get older, we often have less time to spare and I’m finding that my passion for photography has waned a bit.

So we are having to rely more on the photographs that my wife takes of our children and grandchildren. However, there is one thing that we don’t do very well – taking photos of the kids eating ice cream. The kids tend to eat it on a plate and then get a spoon and dip the ice cream into the plate – which is really messy! They also often put a load of their own dirty hands into their mouth while eating it, so it is pretty difficult to get a nice image of them in … Read the rest

18 Best Tips for Taking Dessert Photography (Ideas and Examples)

dessert photography

Have you tried photographing desserts? If not, then it is time to start as desserts have become increasingly popular on social media sites and magazines. While some people love their dessert photography, there are also many who dislike it. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

1. Make good use of your experience.

Dessert Photography

When you have a lot of experience in a certain field, do not hesitate to use this to help others. If you are an experienced photographer, then you might be able to help someone who is just starting out with their photography. You can also volunteer at local schools to help teach children how to take their own pictures using the camera on their phones.

2. Know your equipment.

Dessert Photography

This includes the camera you will be using and accessories like a tripod, remote control and flash. Make sure you understand what each of these does … Read the rest

Best Tips for Vegetable and Fruit Photography

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Vegetable and Fruit Photography Tips

The first thing you need to know when you are a beginner in food photography is that you can make your own vegetable and fruit pictures by simply arranging a variety of fruits and vegetables together on a background that is similar to the actual photo you want to achieve. You can also print out photos from the internet that have been taken by a professional photographer for further reference.

You can use the same basic techniques for photographing any type of food. You should try to arrange the foods so that they appear attractive and appealing, rather than looking messy or too bland.

The key here to get started is that you should learn from other beautiful fruit and vegetable photos.

The Art of Food Photography

There is no doubt that food photography has become a popular form of art. With so many people
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18 Tips for Shooting Better Burger Photography

burger photography

Burger photography can be a lot of fun, but it is also a serious business. It is a good idea to learn the basics of burger photography so that you know what to expect when you are out shooting.

The Art of Food Photography

There is no doubt that food photography has become a popular form of art. With so many people taking to

1. Ask for permission to shoot.

burger photography ideas 18

If you are planning to take pictures of people eating, ask their permission first. Your hostess may be keen to promote their restaurant and the event. Ask before you start snapping, and remind the hostess when you’ve finished.

2. Lighting.

In order to make your burgers look appetising and eye-catching, lighting is key. Burger photos should be well lit and evenly illuminated. This is particularly important if you are shooting in natural light. If you are using artificial lighting, … Read the rest