Watermarkup is Featured on Lasexta and Other Websites

Watermarkup is featured on Lasexta

In March 2020, our online watermarking tool – Watermarkup is featured on several websites like Tekcrispy and some tech websites. Recently it has been featured on Lasexta.


Lasexta.com has millions of viewers and visitors per month. It is one of the most popular TV channels in Spain. It is mainly a Spanish free-to-air television channel and has also a web version that often provides readers with the latest news and articles.

We are very proud that our application is useful for everyone and recommended by other people.

Here are the screenshots from the Lasexta website:

watermarkup is featured on Lasexta

watermarkup is featured on Lasexta

And here is the English version:

watermarkup is featured on Lasexta

watermarkup is featured on Lasexta

watermarkup is featured on Lasexta

Thank you Lasexta for featuring us. We expect that Watermarkup will be a useful tool for everyone.

Softandapps.info also featured us. Here is the screenshot.

watermarkup is featured on softandapps.info

Right Click and Open image in a new tab to see the full article.

Here is the English version:

softandapps.info featured Watermarkup softandapps.info featured Watermarkup

Our Watermarkup was Featured on Tekcrispy

Watermarkup was featured on Tekcrispy

On March 03, 2020, our watermark application, Watermarkup, was featured on Tekcrispy.

Tekscripsy is a Spanish online media company. They specialize in writing about technology, science, and culture. Almost all the articles were written in Spanish. They were founded in 2016. Thousands of visitors often read their news everday and they also have a strong base of followers on social media platforms.

Here are some screenshots from Tekscrispy (Spanish Version)





And here are the English version of the article: (the translated version)






Thank you Tekcrispy for featuring us. We hope that the watermark application will be useful for everyone.

You can find another article written by Lasexta about us here.