Knowing EXIF Data: How to Manage It, Use it or Remove

What Is EXIF Data?

Exif data is a type of metadata that records data about the date, time and camera settings used when taking a photo. This information can be useful for protecting against copyright violations or removing unwanted photos from your hard drive. In this article, we will discuss how to manage EXIF data on your computer using two different free tools.

The first step is knowing what EXIF data looks like so you know if you are looking at it correctly. There should be an “xmp” tag at the beginning of the file name before anything else such as “DSCN0001” . Here are some tags from exif data your file may have:

  • -xmp “Digital Camera”
  • DSCN0001
  • Date Time Original
  • Date Time Digitized
  • Exposure Compensation Factor
  • F-Number Value As Shot/Camera Setting Name

SaveFileName.jpg (name) – (folder location) – file size in bytes and the date taken. The timestamp is recorded as an integer number of seconds elapsed since January 01, 1970 00:00:00 UTC or Unix Epoch time. This will be followed by a decimal point to designate fractional second values which are rounded up to the nearest millisecond for storage purposes.”xx xxxxxxxx yy yyyy ddd dd mmmmmm ss tt”, where xx = fractional seconds; yy = decimal seconds; ddd = days of the week in Western order (for example, Sunday is 0); mmmmmm = months in English alphabetical order with leading zeros for single-digit values and a blank space where there should be two digits for 11 to 12 month names; dd = day number within the month with leading zeros as necessary to make an eight character field.

Example: “DSCN0001 138 0036 xxxx 2014 04 16 1355”

The second step is finding EXIF data on your computer. Many file formats store metadata about their content automatically when they … Read the rest