Best Tips for Close-Up Portrait Photography

The most powerful photo is one that can show the viewer something they have never seen before. The best portrait photographs capture a moment in time, a person’s expression, and their personality. So how can you create these moments? Follow these tips to find the perfect close-up portrait.


When lighting a portrait you have several options. You can light with ambient light, such as natural light from windows and open shade. Or you can use flash, which is more intense. Natural light is a great way to create an ‘old-fashioned’ look, while flash creates a more modern look. The key is to use the right amount of light to create a balanced portrait.

Find a location with good light. Natural light makes people look more attractive than artificial light does, so try to shoot outdoors whenever possible. If you are shooting indoors, find a room with lots of windows or use window light to illuminate your subject’s face.


If the subject is standing in front of a window, the best way to get a beautiful window reflection is to place them against a white background. Position the subject so that their eyes look out to the window or off into the distance. If there is no window, then use a plain wall, or perhaps a piece of paper to achieve a similar effect.


A good pose will be created if the portrait is taken at the right moment. Try to avoid shooting people who have just finished eating, and don’t take pictures if someone is yawning, frowning, or looking upset.


It is important to set the background carefully. A neutral, even tone works best for portraits. You can make this by placing a large flat surface behind the subject to diffuse the light. Or use a grey or silver background. In this case, you need to position the subject correctly. If there is a window behind them, shoot from the same direction as the window light. If there isn’t a window, then try using a large piece of paper.


A good expression is essential to creating an excellent portrait. This means choosing a flattering angle, a pose, and lighting that highlights the eyes, lips, or face. A professional photographer will take hundreds of photographs, trying out different poses and lighting until they find one that makes a good portrait.


A person can look awkward in front of the camera. They may frown, smile, or blink. Make sure that you shoot the portrait so that you can get the most natural look. If you want to create an ‘old-fashioned’ portrait, take your subject with their eyes closed, or looking away. A portrait should not be static. Be prepared to shoot several shots to get the best result.

Use a Macro Lens

Using a macro lens is one of the best things that you can do when it comes to close-up portrait photography. The reason behind using a macro lens is that it allows you to capture the subject in great detail without any distortion or imperfection. It also helps in keeping objects sharp even when they are very close to your camera.

Use Different Angles

It is always recommended to use different angles while shooting close-ups so that you can get better results out of it. You should try different angles such as above, below, left and right sides of your subject when shooting them from up-close distances. This will give your images an interesting look which will be loved by everyone who sees them!