The Difference Between a Selfie and a Self Portrait

Selfie vs Self Portrait

A self portrait is the photograph of yourself, taken by you, where you are the subject. A selfie is the photograph taken with a self-portrait camera.

A self portrait, like a traditional portrait, is intended to show your personality and express your inner feelings. A selfie is intended to be fun and playful. Both are valid types of photography and you can use both together to create a beautiful, unique image.

A self portrait is the perfect way to capture a moment in your life which you will look back on in years to come and cherish. A selfie can be used to commemorate a special occasion or as a way of recording a memorable holiday.

Self portraits can be shot using a variety of different cameras. The easiest and most popular cameras are the point and shoot digital compact cameras. These are easy to operate and are ideal for beginners as they are small and simple to use. You will be able to take hundreds of photos with a compact camera and the images you take are usually clear, bright and colourful.

Selfies, on the other hand, can be taken using a number of different types of camera. Some of the best known are the large and bulky point and shoot digital SLR cameras, and the mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. These cameras are extremely flexible and can be used to take self portraits, street photography, landscape photography and more.

If you are thinking of taking your first self portrait, you may want to read up on the basics of photography, including tips and hints on how to pose for your photo.

Photographers who enjoy taking self portraits will often spend hours researching different locations, posing and lighting. This can be a good way of planning your photo session.

To create a beautiful, artistic self portrait, you will need to understand the basic principles of photography.

There are various websites, magazines and books that you can use to learn about photography. The Internet is full of helpful articles, tips and tutorials. A good place to start is the Wikipedia website. You can search there for information about the different types of camera and how to use them.

When you’ve decided on your subject, make sure you know what your purpose is. What do you want to photograph? Do you want to capture a particular moment?

How to take a self-portrait

There are lots of ways to take a self-portrait. The most common is to stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself. But there are lots of other options too.

You could take a photo of yourself from a different angle, or sit down with your phone in your hand and shoot a portrait of yourself, either on a tripod or by using an app that lets you take the picture from above.

Try these ideas to get started:

Choose a location.

• Make sure you are alone and have time to do this.

• Look out for interesting locations with interesting backgrounds, or somewhere with lots of light.

• Stand in front of a mirror, or use a mirror on your phone screen.

• Get your hands on a smartphone and look through the camera app.

Ask your friends to help.

Sometimes you may not want to be the only person in the picture. Instead, ask your friends to help you take your selfie. If you have more than one friend, why not ask two or three to take some of the pictures. The more friends you have involved, the better your self-portrait will be.

Use apps.

Many smartphones now come with a camera app and lots of the functions you would need to take a good self-portrait are already included in the app. There are many options too, so you can easily change the settings to take a good shot.

If you are taking your own selfie, you may want to make sure your hair is in place, you’ve put some make-up on and you are wearing clothes that make you look your best. Take a quick picture and then go back and refine it.

Take it further.

Think about what kind of picture you would like to take. For example, are you trying to show off your face, or perhaps your body? Are you trying to show how you look after you’ve had a workout? Or perhaps you are trying to show your personality.

The more you think about the kind of picture you want, the easier it will be to take.

Make sure you’re in the picture.

When you’re taking a selfie it can be hard to see yourself in the picture. To make sure you’re in the frame, you might want to make sure you’re standing in the middle of the frame.

Try this: Stand in the middle of a room, or use a mirror. Put your hands behind your back. Turn your head to the side and smile. Then move closer until your face fills the frame.

Consider the backdrop

This can make a real difference to the overall composition of the picture. The background should be fairly plain, without any distracting details. If possible, choose a location that does not require you to wear too many layers of clothing, as this will make taking the photo more difficult. A white wall or even a blank canvas would be best. For a natural-looking backdrop, look around you. Try standing by the side of a river or against the side of a building.

Experiment with different angles

your best shots will come from shooting from several angles. Your angle of view is important, so keep your head steady and focus on where your eyes are looking. There should be a slight upward curve in the line of your body. To add interest to the background, position yourself so that you can see a horizon in the distance.

Ask for feedback

Have someone you know look at your picture. Ask for honest feedback on what you need to work on. This will help you take better pictures in the future.