18 Tips for Shooting Better Burger Photography

Burger photography can be a lot of fun, but it is also a serious business. It is a good idea to learn the basics of burger photography so that you know what to expect when you are out shooting.

The Art of Food Photography

There is no doubt that food photography has become a popular form of art. With so many people taking to

Burger Photography

Burger Photography

1. Ask for permission to shoot.

If you are planning to take pictures of people eating, ask their permission first. Your hostess may be keen to promote their restaurant and the event. Ask before you start snapping, and remind the hostess when you’ve finished.

2. Lighting.

Burger Photography

In order to make your burgers look appetising and eye-catching, lighting is key. Burger photos should be well lit and evenly illuminated. This is particularly important if you are shooting in natural light. If you are using artificial lighting, make sure that it is diffused or soft. This will make your subject look even more appetising and it will also help keep the background looking clean and bright.

3. Food.

The food in your burger images should be as appetising and attractive as possible. This means that the food should be cooked to a golden brown perfection and the colour should be very natural, rather than too dark or pale. It is also important to try and shoot from the side of the burger so that you don’t have any distracting lines going across the face of the burger.

4. Background.

You will need to think about how to make the background in your burger images look appealing and interesting. In many cases it will be possible to use a plain background for your burger photographs. However, if you want to use a plain background it is worth checking out the backgrounds in your camera, or using something else as a backdrop. You could go for a plain white wall, which would work well with a lot of different images.

5. Poses.

Burger Photography

When shooting your burgers, don’t just stand there. Try to get your subject into interesting poses and find ways to make them look eye-catching. For example, you can have your burger resting on its side and looking away from the camera. You could also pose your burger at an angle. These are just some of the many different ways that you can pose your subjects. Experiment and see what looks best.

6. Cropping.

Cropping your image can be a very important step when you are taking photos. If you do not crop your image, you might end up with a very cluttered look in your photo. By cropping your photo, you can ensure that you get a clear and neat look.

7. Background.

Burger Photography

When you are taking photos of your burgers, you should try to keep the background as simple as possible. The background should be plain and white, or perhaps grey. If the background is too busy it will distract from the burger and make it look messy and unappetising.

8. Get creative

If you find yourself stuck for inspiration, remember that burgers don’t have to be straight up burgers. Try making your own burger creations, or get creative by trying new toppings and condiments on your burgers.

9. Keep it simple

We all know that too many cooks spoil the broth. So make sure your photo shoot doesn’t become a big production. Just take a few photos and get out of the way. If you want to make it easier, then we recommend taking more than one photo of each burger.

10. Keep your camera ready

Burger Photography

If you are going to be shooting multiple burgers, it’s important that you keep your camera ready at all times. This will ensure that you are able to capture the burger photo in the perfect moment and keep your burger looking its best for the entire shoot.

11. Keep your burger clean

Burger Photography

It’s so important that you get your burger photo right. This means that it should be clean. Make sure you do not spill on it, or mess up the toppings. You may want to keep your burger as it comes out of the kitchen, but this is where it can get messy.

12. Be patient

Burger Photography

You’re going to want to capture your favourite burgers at their peak of perfection. If it takes you too long to get a good shot, then it won’t be as good. It will also mean that you’ll have fewer burgers to shoot, which will make your life that much easier.

13. Be organised

The last thing you want to do is leave anything to the last minute. Get your camera ready early, and make sure that you don’t leave yourself any time to shoot more burgers than you really need to.

14. Use filters

Burger Photography

You can use a filter to make your burger photo look even better. This will make your burger look more appetising and fun to eat. For example, if you are shooting with the sun out, then you can use a blue filter to add a nice pop of colour to the photo.

15. Make sure the burger is the star.

Don’t shoot the food. Focus on the people eating it. Make the food part of the story. Look to the background, and use natural light whenever possible. And remember to eat a burger yourself!

16. Keep the subject close to the camera.

A wide-angle lens lets you keep things in the frame. You can crop later if needed. Take shots that show as much of the burger as possible. Try shooting with the camera at waist height. This way you can get closer to the burgers and look down on them.

17. Make sure you have enough light.

Burger Photography

A flash will not give you natural light. If you have access to a window, open it or try putting a black sheet of paper over it. It will make a diffused light for you to work with.

18. Make the shot interesting.

Don’t just take pictures of the food; add a visual element to the image. If you’re taking a shot of a burger, make sure there is something else in the scene, like a sign, a plate, a glass, or some flowers. It could be a photo that tells your readers about the menu.


In conclusion, Burger Photography is an interesting niche to work in. It’s not just another restaurant or food photography. You have to create a style that is uniquely yours.

And that requires you to be creative and take risks. Sometimes you might not succeed, but if you do, you could find yourself with a new client or two.

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